We know from our customer that they just can’t get enough of the old radio and tv ads that we “play” on our hold button. Can’t tell you how many times we grab somebody off hold only to have the customer ask to be put BACK on hold do they can finish listening to the commercials!

Anyway, here are a whole bunch of vintage radio and tv ads for our beloved Chrylser, DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Just like driving our old MoPars takes us back in time, these old commercials can really transport you to another (simpler!) era. Enjoy!

1956 Plymouth Radio Ads

These radios ads for the 1956 JET AGE Plymouths are some of the many on our hold button. You’ll hear some of the best Plymouth musical jingles in these great spots.

Goofy 1954 Dodge TV ad, love it!

1935 Dodge Radio Ad

Fantastic 1935 live radio ad for Dodge.

I love the first generation Valiant, great TV spot from 1959

1955 Chysler Corp “Forward Look” TV ad

Very cool animated TV spot for the 1955 Chrysler forward look cars.

1957 Chrysler Corp “New Shape of Motion” TV ad

For the 1957 Chrysler family of cars, a great and classic old spot.

1955 DesSoto TV ad directed towards women

I just love this ad! The 1955 DeSoto as advertised towards women. This was a big push at Chrysler Corp in ’55 and ’56. Women were gaining a lot of buying power and Chrysler wanted to influence the ladies. Case in point: the fabulous Dodge “La Femme” for 1955 and 1956.

1955 Chrysler

Check out the drawings of the ’54 Chryslers in this ad promoting the first year of the Virgil Exner designed “FORWARD LOOK” cars.

1956 TV ad for the fabulous 1957 Chrysler Corp Line up. These cars must have looked pretty wild in ’56!!

Here is an ad from 1955 for the 1956 Dodge. What a car!